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Landing Page & Lead Generation

Pay-per-click advertising

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. Sounds simple right?

Well, there’s a bit more that goes into it than that. Let me explain…

But First, Why You Need A Landing Page. 

Lets’ set up a typical marketing scenario so I can explain the importance of a Landing Page.

Imagine you’ve set-up a Google AdWords campaign. You’ve done your research, determined all of the best keyword phrases, made relevant ads that relate to your keywords, set-up your budget (and the slew of other settings and variables that AdWords allows). And now you’re ready to see the leads start flying in from online forms and actual calls to your business. These are called Conversions.

But hold up!!

When someone clicks on your compelling and wonderful ad, where are you sending them? Where do they “land”? Is where they land going to get you the conversions you need? Does the flow from advertisement to landing page make sense?

I guarantee you that if there is ANY disconnect between the Ad and the Landing Page.  You will lose the person.

So, if you are going to invest the money into Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo Ads, Facebook Advertising, you have to have a great landing page. Otherwise you are just wasting your money.

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Crucial Call-To-Action

Landing pages that focus a visitor’s attention on one main call-to-action (or link) are more likely to earn conversions.

Unbounce – Landing Page Analyzer

The Mobile Landing Page

According to recent trends a mobile responsive landing page is more likely to convert than a desktop only page.

Unbounce – Landing Page Analyzer

Social Proof Matters

Landing pages that have photos of customers, testimonials or social media posts are more likely to earn conversions.

Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer

Why Do You Need A Good Landing Page?

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

  1. Clear Call to Action – that tells people what to do. Like, Sign Up. Shop Now. Get A Free Trial. Contact Us. See Video. Call Today.
  2. Offer – What do people get if they do what you want them to do? A free consultation? A discount? A Free Trial?
  3. Narrow Focus – Keep it simple. Giving people too many choices depresses response rate. This has been the mantra since the beginning of time (online advertising time I mean). Your landing page needs to be clear, simple and focused – in both look and content.
  4. Very Important Aspects – Identify 3 to 5 about your product or service that you think will be most important to your visitors and showcase those. Features and benefits are great here but also make sure you hit on the visitor’s pain points.
  5. Effective Headline – Since people chose to click on your Ad. They are most likely interested (or at least intrigued about what you do. So you don’t need to be all tricky and clever about your headline. Get to the point in straight-forward language. You got them there, now tell them what they should do and do it fast.
  6. Platform & Resolution Friendly Layout – You need to think about how your landing page is going to look for people on computers, tablets and mobile. Make sure that the most important elements, copy etc… is at the top of the page so people don’t miss it. Also, how your page looks on a 13 inch laptop as opposed to a 24 inch computer screen is going to be quite different. Have you tested your page to make sure it looks good in every scenario?
  7. Compelling Visuals – First, make sure there is lots of white space so visually, people are not confused. Use a nice large font for your heading and subhead and bullet those very important aspects mentioned above. A great option is to include a video. A video allows you to say a whole lot more within a small space. There’s some data to suggest that video can increase conversions by up to 80%!
  8. Social Proof – Testimonials, usage statistics, a list of customers or any other information that will show people that you are accepted by others will improve your credibility. People are much more likely to believe a stranger than the actual company or advertiser about their claims. Don’t you?

We Make Great Landing Pages That Convert!

How do we know that we make great Landing Pages that work? Well, we TEST! Making a Landing Page and then kicking back and drinking a Margarita because we completed the task is NOT a liquid solution for success.

Landing Pages require consistent testing to keep pushing the boundaries toward moving the conversion needle. Things like changing a call-to-action, adding video instead of a photo, or changing the offer are just a few things that can be tested. Because although we’d love to get it right straight out of the gate. It’s more likely that through testing we gain learnings and through learnings we improve.

Testing is an essential part of the Landing Page puzzle.

So How Can We Help You With Your Landing Pages?

At Curley Digital Marketing we use all of our experience and knowledge to make Landing Pages that work and of course, we test them.

Consider it part of the sales funnel. Maybe even the most important part of the sales funnel because who can argue with qualified leads and conversions from a well thought out and proven Landing Page?

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Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Experience We Can Help Make It Happen.

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